Los Angeles Real Estate By Carrie Bryden

Illegal Half Pipes

Nothing makes my job as a Realtor more enjoyable than uncovering a home’s hidden past. Every home has a past, but usually we can only imagine what the people were like, how they lived, who grew up there, and where they are now.

After pulling city permits and finding a citation for an illegal half pipe, my clients did more research and found that their new home on Loleta Avenue in Eagle Rock was the home to the best ramp in town in the 80’s. It was a pretty big deal, and such a fun claim to fame.


See below for Eagle Rock homes currently on the market.

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3722 Effingham Place, Los Feliz

A fantastic opportunity has come up North of the Blvd. in Los Feliz. This 3 bedroom 1.5 bath home in 3749 square feet is available for the first time in 56 years for $1,049,000. This is quite the diamond in the rough.

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Listing courtesy of Chris Abbott, Coldwell Banker

What’s REALLY going on in the Highland Park Real Estate Market?

Highland Park Continues to thrive despite the recession. It seems every week there are new shops and Art Galleries opening and now there’s Maximiliano. There are also lots of investors. Lots of them. More than I see in any other neighborhood. There are so many flippers, that it makes it nearly impossible for young professionals just starting out to be able to buy their first home.

Highland Park has become a destination for the creative class that have been priced out of adjacent creative neighborhoods, like Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Atwater and  Echo Park. Obviously the affordability in rents is a big deal, especially when the majority are art gallery owners and Highland Park has one of the largest Gallery Walks in Los Angeles.

Here’s the problem. While the flippers are making a killing on buying up the $250,000 homes and turning them around for $450,000 or better, the buyers that are trying to get their foot in the door on a $250,000-$350,000 home can’t! They are competing with professionals that have cash, or high lines of credit that push the first time buyer out of the running.

Then the homes are flipped and priced so high, that buyer doesn’t have a chance in owning it. A few years ago these flips were beauties. Carefully placed artwork, staged like a movie set with bright contrasts of color and style.

Then they continued to flow, one after the other after the other and they all looked the same. It has gotten to the point that they are all so much the same I wondered how they were selling. One of the great things about Highland Park and adjacent neighborhoods is that they are eclectic and unique. I wouldn’t have thought that so many people would want the same house as one another. It reminds me of tract housing in Valencia. Obviously it looks different, but it feels like, ‘Here is your cookie cutter McHipster.’ They target marketed members of the creative class, even so much as to write advertisements like ‘Hipster Hideaway’. What? Hipster Hideaway? Last time I checked, members of the creative class don’t like being called hipsters. It’s like being a Nirvana fan in the 90’s and being called Grunge. What is that? Except now, you’re all grown up and can afford to buy something that identifies you into a new stereotype.

I’m not against capitalism, or flippers making a living, it’s just that it’s getting out of control. When I am working with first time buyers, people with the dream of homeownership, and I can’t get them a house because an investor buys them all up, how is this really helping the community? I would like to see what these young buyers would do to these homes canvases. They want the opportunity to buy a $250,000 home, make it their own and make it unique. They deserve this opportunity.

Tim Burton at LACMA

Tim Burton at LACMA This is an exhibition my son and I are very excited about. From May 29th through October 31st, LACMA will have the work of Tim Burton on display as well as a collection of his films scheduled to screen over the course of the exhibition. May 27th will open with Edward Scissorhands, and you can expect that my son and I will be in attendance. I think I may need to commit to a membership for this, as I foresee several visits over the course its display. Tim Burton will even be there in the flesh on one of the afternoons, to which my son is BEGGING to go to.

4327 Russell Ave. Los Feliz, 90027

Fresh on the market today is a sweet craftsman in Los Feliz with modern flair. I love how the owners have integrated mid-century modern decor with the details of a craftsman house. The pool is a sparkling modern, rectangular pool with clean lines with gorgeous decks and greenery surrounding it. Someone will have a lovely summer this year plunging in the pool after they get back from a nice morning walk for coffee at one of the many restaurants Los Feliz has to offer. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, listed at $839,500





Listing courtesy of Katrina Webb and Robert Carey of Sotheby’s International Realty